Wednesday, February 21, 2018

My 2017/2018 Summer Break

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hola everyone. I'm back again.. yeayy haha ... so I've got like 3 months plus for summer holiday. Finish exam on 9/11 and then when back to Malaysia on 15/11. and my flight back to Melbourne is on 28/2 which is like a week from today !!!! oh myy ...I don't want to go back. Need to start class, assignments and all ... I am soooo not ready !! wish I've got longer holiday .. (well 3 months is still not enough okay!)

Nothing much done for this holiday. Actually, I'm thinking of doing internship, but then end up not doing it because I'm too occupied with something else. And most of the company for internship is based in Kuala Lumpur, so it's really hard for me to commit for that. Plus, maybe I am a bit lazy too, haha need to work out on that laziness.

First event after going back to Malaysia was InspireSEA VI. I was one of the Activity Planning committee for this event. In my team, other than me, we've got Syira (our leader), Yus and Anas and + Indah (our project director) also involved in planning the activity for kids. We've been planning for this event for like 6 months ++. So, overall the program was successful even though it was rough and stressful to make this event comes true. So many hardship we went thru, and thank God, all the kids enjoy the program and we manage to deliver what we want for them. It's quite unfortunate as I feel that we can actually gives more for the kids. Hope the next team for Inspire will do their best and gives out more to the future kids.

Next things, I went back to my kampung at Pulai Chodong, Kelantan. Then, went to Besut to hang out with Hanum and Dila. Went to Bangi, my aunt's house with Mok tok, Aiman and Along to take care of my cousin as my aunt was going to Sabah for work. And so many travelling back and forth from Gong Badak (my house) to kampung in Kelantan.

Then, I went to Miri Sarawak to visit my aunt (Mo Su Yah) and also for sightseeing  Then, for Chinese New Year holiday, we had a family day in Janda Baik. Check out my trip blog for more.

On this upcoming 24th Feb, one our my friends is getting married (Arni). The wedding is going to be hold at the hotel in Shah Alam. So check out for the update later. Haven't bought the wedding gift yet, hmmm what should I get for her? Need to buy it ASAP.

So, I'll guess that it for now. Stay tuned for more so not boring life experience story by me. Hahaa


#throwback to my writing

# I got a task from my teacher ..she asked me to make a speech about my mother..and before that she wrote on the whiteboard a saying .."BEING A FULL-TIME MOTHER IS ONE OF THE HIGHEST SALARIED JOBS , SINCE THE PAYMENT IA PURE LOVE"

~so meaningful~

So here is what I wrote for my speech....

 Everyone once has a mother. The one that giving birth to us. She is the one who carries us during pregnancy for nine month and ten day. Without her sacrifice , we will never born into this world so in other word she is also a brave person. Can you ever imagine that kind of love ?

The mothers had sacrificed a lot especially for their childen and husband. For me , my mother is my angel. She is everything to me. no one can ever replaced her in my heart-NO ONE. She is the one who teach me how to walk and also even learning the ABC until I grown up this big. She always there when I need her. Sometimes , she will be my shoulder to cry when I have been through difficulties. Moreover , she also advise me and it really do help me a lot.

I was sent to a hostel for my secondary school and I am also the first on that be far apart from my family. It really made me feel sad as my times that I could spend with them would be limited-time is precious. My mother sometimes cries when she tought about me living in the hostel. I knew she had sacrifice for me to let me live in the hostel so I could have a brighter future. With that , I will always keep her sacrifice into my mind everyday as it will be my encouragement to do well at school and also to repay back her deed in future.

My mother is very dedicated to her work. She works as a teacher at SMK Ibrahim Fikri. She teaches Bahasa Melayu for Form Six students. She is a very hardworking person. Furthermore , when she was in university , she was very active in sports especially tennis. I admire her personalities and I hope I will be just like her someday.

I love to listen the song that was sang by Maher Zain. The title is 'Number One For Me'. This song always remind me of my mother. She is a very good mother for me and my other siblings. She cares a lot about our family. She had sacrificed a lot -money , happiness , time order to make me and my siblings live in comfortable.

I hope I can be a good daughter for her. I once dreamed to be a rich person so I can buy my mother her ideal house and also bring my parents to Mekah to perform Haji. Even though , it will not repay all the kindness and deeds that my mother do for me until now but hopefully it can make her happy and proud of me as her daughter. I will try my very best in my studies so I can get a better and guaranteed jobs in the future. I love you , my mom.

my short story [during SPM exam]


Hi and Assalamualaikum everyone, so today I want to share my story during SPM in 2012...actually I am not a hardworking person especially for Biology subject. I don't know why. Perhaps I need to remember the formula and the new words so it makes me lazy. So get back to the story..during SPM exam , I stay at Aimi's room [head prefect's room]..Aimi is really good and expert in Biology.She is the one who teach me and make me understand of this Biology subject because when I was a Form 4 student , I always sleep during the Biology classes-what a pity girl. Before the exam , I had attend many academic camp-Perfect Score , Akademi SPM by JPNT , XA Plus [organized by SBP]. It really did help me a lot.

For the classes , we studied at the dining hall. Sometimes at surau. We don't have to go to the school. For the information , the school from hostel is about 500m [it is quite far but for someone like me that have to commute is common]. Everyday we need to walk for almost 3KM. 

Back to story , for the SPM I need to struggle more. Fortunately , from the previous camp I got many modules so it had helped me alot. Sometimes I shared it with my friend because the modules is limited. Only those who went to the camp got it. In the first day , I was very nervous [no words can express my feeling at that time]. I tried to act cool and recite selawat and du'a to reduce the pressure. The B.Melayu went well. The next day was English. I don't have enough time for the second paper. I barely finished the essay until the last twang. I don't have time to check back my essay. Actually , I had a fever during SPM. It started at the second week of exam. I still remembered , I was very dizzy when I was answering the P.Islam's paper. So my friends told my teacher-Ustaz Sukri and after the exam finished that day , Ustaz Sukri sent me to the clinic. My friend , Anis accompanied me that day. Because of the fever , I cannot study well and I had to sleep earlier [maybe it was the impact of the made me drowse].  Luckily I had good friends , they helped me-they wet the cloth then put it on my head , make sure that I took the medicine on time , revision with me. Sometimes I need to wake up early [4 or 5 am] to do the last revision for the subject that day. 

During Addmath paper , my hands was shaking and I couldn't write for a moment and not long after that everything was fine. I am grateful that the questions are quite easy so I could finished it earlier and recheck the previous questions that I answered. Addmath is actually my favorite subject. Doing the Addmath exercises make me feel fun and relieve. Morever , for the SPM I think the subjects that quite tough are Physics and Biology. Physics (Ist paper)-the questions were more about theory not calculation[formula]. And biology..argghh it was really hard. I think I was going to torn the paper. But I tried my best to anwer it well and gave many answers as many as possible related to the questions. After the last paper [Biology] , me and of course my friends felt relieve and happy as the exam was end. So we just need to enjoy the holiday before knowing the result at May and of course always recite doa and prayers so that bless is always in our ways in fighting for Islam.

Monday, March 14, 2016

FUNDay on Sunday 2016

Hai semua. Morning uolls. Assalamualaikum w.b.t
So pagi ni, I wanna  update with my new stories. Last sunday, akak2 BH buat satu event yg dinamakan Funday. Kak Husna was the main lead in organizing this event. ade games and makan2. Event ni dibuat untuk eratkan lagi bonding, relieve stress dan have fun.

The event actually start at 9, however me and my other housemates were a bit a late cozzz hehe. Bukan sbb bangun lewat, tapi kitorang masak sikit pagi tu-nasi ayam. We already cook Nasi ayam for dinner malam sblum tu, tetapi nasi dan ayam dah habis sbb kitorang ajak Arni and the gang dtg rumah sbb Ieya x pernah dtg lagi rumah kitorang. So pagi tu kami masak lagi nasi. X banyak pon and kami masak fries.

So masa Funday tu ade games-1) Maze Runner 2) Knock'em Sandals 3) Sleepyhead Race 4) Frisbee Kg .. aq masuk semua except Frisbee Kg sbb dah ramai yg masuk. Very fun and exciting. We had lunch together-bihun with ayam bakar(cheese) made specially for us by akak2 BH dan makanan2 lain yg dibawa masing2.

So nah nak spam gambar sepanjang Funday ....

Bring It On ! haha

Macam princess sngat <3

Mummy dan anak2 nya..Haha

Tekun je dengar Kak Dayah explain game Knock'em Sandals
~~padahal tgh blurr lagi tu

Selfie sikit

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Housewarming Regale

Alhamdulillah semalam , housewarming party kami berjalan lancar. Start from 6-9pm. Kitorang start masak lam pukul 1 lebih. Menu kami ialah Makaroni Bakar dan Bubur Lambuk. Air biasa je air Ribena. Ramai jugak yg dtg semalam dan alhamdulillah makanan semua cukup. 

Mmg epic betul la masa masak semalam. Haha Sebab tu first time kitorang masak proper dkt dapur sbb rumah baru kan, so x slalu lg ke dapur. Fridge pon bru dpt so bru la kitorang boleh shopping groceries-barang basah semua. That morning, Syira and Jihan went to Sydney road by tram-bought meat and chicken + other groceries, then singgah Baitul Huda(BH) amik periuk dan seangkatan dgnnya. Me and Erina we just stayed at home-kemas2 rumah dan rebus makaroni.

Lepas je diorang balik. Terus kitorang masak. First,  masak yg Jihan punya-BUBUR LAMBUK. Sebelum diorang balik , Jihan call suruh aku masakkan bubur sbb balik nnti senang Jihan just kena tumis bahan tp masa tu aku mandi so Ery la yg masakkan. And turn out, banyakkk sangat yg Ery masak so Jihan terpaksa asingkan ke tepi. Then dah siap yg Jihan. Kami masak pulak makaroni-aku la Ketua..haha BAJET lakk..hihi Disebabkan x cukup loyang so kami buat separuh goreng dan separuh lagi bakar. Mmg nk dekat pukul 6 baru siap semua.

First yg dtg grup Kak Yam dan yg seusrah dgnnya..haha 2/3 of BH + Mami (housemate K'Aimi) then kawan syira ade dtg-Fatin + Housemates, syar-a and her housemates, Kak Aimi Hassin and her housemates, Kak Afiqah, Kak Dayah + K'Mus & the other suku of BH, Kak Baz, Kak Intan, Kak Fiza , Farhana, Nazeera and Arni and the gang. Alhamdulillah dan terima kasih bnyk kpda yg dtg,

Majlis start dgn bacaan Yassin diketuai oleh akak kiut BH, Kak Maryam then bacaan doa by Kak Fareha. And then MAKAN. Mmg agak bising dan riuh sekali. Tapi best sbb dpt jamu ramai org. Hihi Makanan sedap x sedap belakang kira okay. Hopefully dpt la jumpe diorang lagi.

Masa akak2 BH nak balik, rasa sedih sngt. Kalau boleh x nak kasi diorang balik @ kitorang yg pi duk BH balik..hihi Tapi tu la.. xleh nak clinging dah..kena be independent, bak kata kak Khadijah dah Matured duk umah sendiri.. haha ntah lorr matured ke tak kita ni? persoalan yg belum ada jawapan ..

Saje nk petik caption Kak dayah from Insta (petikan dari surah Al-Anfal)

"Dan (Dia lah) yg menyatu-padukan di antara hati mereka ( yg beriman itu). Kalaulah engkau belanjakan segala (harta benda) yg ada di bumi, nescaya engkau tidak dapat juga menyatu-padukan di antara hati mereka, akan tetapi Allah telah menyatu-padukan di antara (hati) mereka. Sesungguhnya Ia Maha Kuasa, lagi Maha Bijaksana." (8.63)

Our simple notes to BH

Friday, March 4, 2016


Assalamulaikum w.b.t
Alhamdulillah on 17th Feb 2016 8.45a.m , me and my friends safely landed at Tullamarine airport, Melbourne. Menunggu agak lama untuk kastam sbb ramai org dan kaunter yg terhad. That day, ade bbrpa org akak yg dtg pickup kitorang from airport. First time kenal Kak Maryam, Ateng dll, sebelum ni just wassap2 je. Hihi Aku dan kawan2 duduk rumah akak senior (BAITUL HUDA-that's what they call their house) coz we didn't get accommodation yet. Lepas smpai je dkt rumah, terus tidur-JET LAG. Then ptg kitorang pergi bank Commonwealth bukak akaun. Then pergi Vodafone and get our new phone numbers.

Dan hari2 seterusnya , bnyk diisi dengan hunting for house. Bnyk rumah yg kitorang pergi inspect. And alhamdulillah about 2 weeks, we already got the house in Cardigan Street. It's actually quite far from our faculty building which is about 20 min walk. Meanwhile, kita enrol for our course-Bachelor of Commerce ~majoring in Accounting & Finance. And untuk breadth subjects aku, jihan and syira amik Business Law. Nak try rasa bljar law. Haha Moga2 boleh cepat faham.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hangout with my girlfriends

Assalamualaikum .. so akhirnya plan yg kitorang bincg nk kuar sama2 mnjadi kenyataan. Mulanya ingt nk buat bulan 12 tp mostly ramai x cuti. Jadinya postponed la ke bulan 1. X semua my girlfriends ade, cuma ad nora pikok n dila. The typoss (nma grup ws kami) yg lain xdpt join. Dila & nora dh cuti tp cik sapikok ade lgi bbrp paper. Kitorang kuar masa pikok ade gap b4 paper strusnya.

Nora dri dungun, dila dri besut naik bas dtg kaytee(K.Terengganu). Tp dila smpai lmbt sebab tertinggal bas. So ptg tu, aq pi amik nora dgn pikok dkt umah pikok sbb nora turun ctu. And then kitorang pi mkn ikan celop tepung dekat kedai pok nong tepi pntai batu rakit. Femes kedai tu, org kate artis pon dtg mkn ctu, cthnya Fynn Jamal. Okey la mknn dia. Sotong udang ikan mmg besar and fresh. Then lepas tu bru gi amik dila dekat depan mcD Gong Badak.

Malam tu, food hunting lagi dekat D'Ganu Steamboat di Pulau Duyung. Ramai jugak org,nasib baik dtg awl. Lepas mghrib trus brtolak pergi ctu. So that night kitong amik yg set 6 org mkn Rm 35 x termsuk drinks. Tp berbaloi la. Pastu ikut korg la nk tmbh ape2-nasi kosong,nasi goreng,abc bla3x

And the next day, pagi rehat je tp ptg tu kitorg pergi karaoke dekt giant. Mcm2 lagu nyanyi habis suara jadi serak. Lagu fav time karok tu ialah bang bang bang-big bang. Sejam karok tp lps kuar diorang cakap mcm rasa nk nyanyi lagi. Xpuas katanya. Tp xde la smpai nk msk lgi, smbung karok dekt rumah je la. Lepas solat asar n mkan, kami pergi pntai teluk ketapang sbb smlm tu dila x pergi pntai. Lepak2 amik gmbr then blik rumah.

Malam tu nk kena hntr pikok blik rumah dia sbb isnin dia ade exam so kasi chance dia study la plak. Hehe Sblum hntr, pergi dinner dekat depn kem askr sekali dengan ana, syah n aini.