Thursday, October 31, 2013

ooooo...nk blik.. tup tap tup tap...dah nk abis satu sem dah dkt week at 6 until 15/11 i gonna sit for my final exam..quite nervous..hopefully i'll do well in all subject..the 1st week only two subjects..stats n accounting..2nd week there gonna be english maths econs and psychology...act aq x hbis study lagi ni..tomorrow jihan my classmate ajak kluar pg beli hadiah for my psychology lecturer...she's going to married this sunday..quite shock when she told the class at first that she is going to married..hoppefully their marriage full with happiness and got bless by Allah..~~cepat la habis exam...NK BALIK....!!!!!! tp revision pown mcm hangat2 tahi ape nk jadi....MUNIRA..!!! bgun...jgn nk duk mals nk lepas cut-off point 13 ke la bnyk USAHA...!! Go Go Go....u can do now i'll just focus on my exam..gonna update my post later...after BALIK 6t...chiow..peace yo...

Monday, September 9, 2013


ok..camne nk citer aa...disebabkan aq x taw nk share ngan sape so i'll just wrote it in my blog...act aq dah lm pendam benda ni au..sakit aty taw..Have u ever met someone with "NO FEELINGS" ??!! ...kalau aq mmg pernh la..sbb tu aq tgh rs annoying sekrg ni..boleh dia buat derkk jer kat nk tgur dia tkut dia aq bwat la action skit..kut2 dia ley dia still gak mcm keras hati...smua dia buat semua btul....menyampah au...nasib baik stakat ni aq boleh sbr kalau 6t thp kesbrn aq dah pecah...mmg siap la ganyang...aishhh.....dia ni nk crite..dia jenis yg x aware dgn situation sekeliling dia..dia x pernah nk endah perasaan org lain...asalkan dia happy...yg lain bantai x pe...sooo aq x nak keruhkan keadaan so i always think positive about cuba senangkn hati aq...tgk la smpai bila aq boleh thn dgn org yg selfy cmtu...pray da best for me so that i could hold my anger...HOPEFULLY la...
alahai..kawan ..kawan....

p/s : sorry for being emotional

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Top (from left) :- Sehun Suho Chanyeol
Bottom (from left) :- D.O Kai Baekhyun

From left :- Lay Chen Kris Luhan Xiumin Tao

EXO..first debut on 2012...consist of 12 members..2 sub-unit that are Exo-K for Korea and Exo M for Mandarin..their top songs are MAMA , Wolf and the new one is Growl...check it out their MV on youtube..and also don't 4get to watch the Weekly Idol to know more bout them..+ see them with infinite on Idol Star Athletics Championship...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

nervous...!!! ++++++

One dpt kol drpd ~~~~ tp x angkt la..sbb time tu aq ader after class aq kol blik but then dia x angkat jugak...after a while...she called me back...[JPA] woahhh...i got A-Level..Accounting at x feelings at that time...BERBELAH BAGI...sbb duk uia dah nk dkt sebulan...sooo mmg dah adapt gilerrr dgn tmpt tu..agak cdey jugk...sbb roomates pown mmg NGAM ahhh...kelas pown da stat kat I called my mom n told her that i got sponsor from mom quite excited about first mmg aq nk sngt A-Level bila dah duk jadi cam berat hati skit nk tinggalkan UIA tu..=(... dah la aq dah ad position kat sana..[BANGGA2!!..huhu] dpt Vice Treasurer for Econs Society..but then..i've to let it go..sbb nk kn pi mom uruskan semua dokumen yg nk dibawa ke INTEC...taw x masa hri pendaftaran...siott.....nervousss la..semua kat c2 mesti ni cam poyo2 jer...!!! COOOOOL gituh...he2...mmg shocked jugak la sekejap masa 1st day..sbb dia punyer hostel and campus jauh..hostel kat seksyen 18 but campus at seksyen we have to catch the bus..everyday..x mcm uia..dia bertumpu semuanya...nk jalan kai pown boleh UIA..but intec agak jauh la hostel dgn tmpt belajar..INTEC dia cam bebas la kena pandai bawak diri..n we have to find good kita bley saling ingt2 kan..cni makanan agak mahal..n bnyk mamak la. ..barang2 pown mahal jugk...TRUTHFULLY from heart...x best nasib baik la..ader roomates yg happening n x la lonely...i'm 2nd mmg xde orientasi....kalau nk ikutkan lepas pendftrn n taklimt for 2 days...then classes begin...TODAY...!! tp x belajar mana pown..juz knl2 je la hri ni..dia punyer campus mmg seriously LIKE SCHOOL...!! tp ok la..ader aircond..sjuk kn bwk sweater...

#kawan2..doakan yang terbaik ntuk aq ea..hrp2 boleh bwk diri sini..n x terhanyut dgn perkara duniawi..Allah is always with us..I've to be STRONG..!!! Go Go Munira...U can do it..hehe..

now here I am..

Monday, June 17, 2013

start of somethin' new

Finally on 10 june 2013 ..I registered to IIUM campus in Petaling Jaya..I got Econs course..I don't know how to describe my feelings at that is very complicated....In my former school , I was a pure science student.So I am quite afraid to accept this offer..I went to interview for Jpa-Mara and Jpa..But unfortunately I didn't get it..It's kind of frustrating and upsetting..but then..'REDA jer' and then here I am in IIUM...

At PJ i was in a room with another 3 students..They are Pipoh , Ira and Ecah...they are very nice and we shared a lot of memories together...After ta'aruf programme 9about 5days)..the economics students were transfered to gombak..I got the 1st floor..(GROUND FLOOR) one large room they are 8 students..but we are separate into each compartment..I am in a compartment with Pipoh..the compartment are quite small but it's long as it is not hot in there..haha... all the students are very nice and happy go lucky...Sometimes we hang out together..eating maggi while class starts this morning..but the lecturer are not we just left..for this semeseter we will only learn two subject + English n Arabic..

My other roomates are Tyque , Sha , Bhah , Ecah and Syakirah..
Here's the pic..

Act..when we first met..It is very awkward..But unexpectedly we  get close together in just a short time..maybe all of us are "MULUT MURAI" mmg bnyk topic yg kite org share..In just a week..kita dah boleh knl perangai each one of us..haha..everyone is happening..act at first in this room there were 7 students..then Bilah went to IPG..then Syakirah came..she changed her course from Human Science to Econs..
We are like a family..kadang2 Ecah jdi mak..kadang2 Tyque jd Ummi..Sha jadi Baby..haha..memang KAMCING giler..mlm2 mmg lepak sama2..borak2..Sometimes kitaorg pegi Cafe MakCik..pi beli makanan..TAPAU..then makan kat bilik + Borak2 lg..

Once we talk...mmg x ingt masa..rase cpt giler masa berlalu...macam2 citer...horror ader...tradisional pown ader...Dialek pown ader..pokoknya..macam2 la..the stories keep continues...

And the most unforgettable thing is..everytime nk smyang jemaah..mesti nk kn lantik imam kan.. sape yg x STICKED to the wall..dia yg jadi imam..haha....seblum Bilah pi IPG..mmg dia slalu jadi Imam..kdg2 rotate...sme wajib jadi imam..
Tp kan..NAK ke boleh smyang tu..susah lar..WHY ?! WHY?! ..sbb...kitaorg selalu gelak..ntah la knp..mmg ader jer bnda yg membuatkn kitaorg suka..nk2 tyme maghrib masuk Usrah la seme ni..haha..tarbiyah skit..kita org akan slalu make sure..maghrib isyak..slgi berjemaah..coz this are the ways nk topup pahala dan nk eratkan silaturrahim antra kitaorg..

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Interview Jpa for Engineering

LOL..actually i don't know why I went to the iv (interview). Engineering ??!! X pernah terpikir pown nk amik engineering before this..cuma masa form 4 tu je la masa mint chemistry awal2 blajo..terpikir sejenak nk amik chemical engineering..then lupakan that dream..huhu..coz I am more interested in Accounting and Finance..Nevermind..I will just share my iv here..

#So I got the JPA iv at Pejabat Yayasan Terengganu. So I went there 30 minute ealier..[btul ker ??!!,,haha]
Before that I made some research on engineering-chemical engineering..My mom forced told me to go..urmm..It's okay..Maybe I will get some experience during this iv..

actually this iv is mostly same like the one that I went to Mara-Jpa iv. There were 3 levels/rooms.

I was in a group of 4 students. One chinese and the others are Malay. I was in group one. There were 3 group that days. Fortunately my group had the little members. The other groups had 6 and 8 members in group so it will be more competitive.


  ~ Bilik penyelesaian masalah..we must talk fully in BM..Tajuk dia bagi ialah CARA MENGATASI MASALAH MUFLIS DALAM KALANGAN RAKYAT MALAYSIA..bila tengok tajuk ni..ade la jugk some ideas yg mari dlm here the mistake that my group did..~We didn't discuss about the problems or causes kepada muflis..we just straight-forward tu Langkah mengatasi muflis kena tegur la oleh panel tu..and they advise us..quite long jugak syarahan tips for this session..actually the panel will ask some questions so be ready for that. Hence , during the discussion , you can try to figure out some of the questions they may ask..and try to give solutions as many as possible and make sure it is relevant to the topic.

~ Dlam bilik kedua , we must talk fully in English. Bilik ni agak tough for me. The question is same like I got for the Mara-Jpa iv --HOW TO ENHANCE THE SENSE OF BELONGING FOR THE YOUNG GENERATION........BUT the subject was TOUGH..the subject that we got was Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor...we cannot figure out many ideas about him that time..We just talk about his contributions to our country and the citizens are very proud of him as he is the first Malaysian astronaut. We don't talk that much. But at least we have some of the ideas. Nasib baik ada seorang panel tu dia bagi klu la skit -additional at least we can figure out more from the clue that he gave us..

~ This room is more for individual. Even though , we entered in group but the questions were for individual. So be ready..Just simple..the intoduction..and for me maybe you can say thanks to them for giving the opportunity before ur intro..just to show politeness..then they asked 'Why we choose engineering ? Why chemical engineering ?' and also kenapa nak study abroad..Apa yang ada dalam diri awak yang membolehkan awak sesuaikan diri dekat overseas and bnyk lagi.. So yang penting prepare first..Berlatih depan cermin..and don't forget ...EYE CONTACT..penting taw..!! haha..

p/s : law nak tengok some of the questions they may ask ..please jenguk at my previous post..about Mara-Jpa iv.. I put it in there..just copied from several blogs..

~sorry for mixing BM n BI in this post~

Monday, April 29, 2013

Tips Interview Mara - Jpa

How should I start ?? ermm..I actually very nervous because the interview is my first experience. So I tried to check tips from the internet about the preparation for interview. First thing I did , I made my own resume. Then cari sal tjuk2 semasa cam green tech , tabiat merokok , socialism n so on..Urm..then I copied the several question that the panel may ask me. Bnyk gler soalan yer..I will post it after this [I got it from the blogs]..So with these question , berlatih la sorg diri depan cermin and also ask for extra opinion from others [parents , friends , seniors and teachers] need to have CONFIDENT..this is the most important thing..then they also want to see our communication skills...

So back to my experience during iv , I was placed in Kelompok 3. In my group there are 7 students including me. Ader yang nk amik course chemical engineering , animation , medic , pharmacist and also accounting.[that's me] there were 3 levels.

 First bilik tu we need to have group discussion in English. The topics is about Palm Oil and how the subject [the palm oil] can enhance the sense of belonging for the young generation. Fikir la..actually banyak..cara nk timbulkan semngat kekitaan..Law nk information ..carilah sal industri2 kat negara kita..petroleum or another sources..cari sal isu semasa..and remember to think first before anwer the questions..give them a MATURED answer..

And 2nd room , mixed BM n BI. They asked about the career that we choose and why. [we talk in BM]..selain tu panel tu tnya jugak "Apa nilai murni yang penting yang perlu ada pada setiap masyarakat untuk wujudkan perpaduan" just give our own opinion..tiada yang salah..dia cuma nak tengok cara kita fikir and respons pada soalan tu..then the panel give another topics and we need to give our opinion for that..the task I got was "1st Class Facilities , 3rd Class Mentality" I'm giving opinion for that..[we must talk in BI]..before I forget..WHEN THE INTERVIEWERS ASK IN ENGLISH SO WE NEED TO ANSWER IN ENGLISH..SAME GOES FOR B.MELAYU..IF THEY ASK IN BM WE ALSO NEED TO ANSWER IN BM..dont't be too arrogant and show off..

Finally , we can fully talk in BAHASA MELAYU..masa tu saya dapat tajuk pasal KESESAKAN JALAN RAYA..dan LANGKAH-LANGKAH to have a good disscussion kn fikir apa PUNCA dulu..then give solution for the problems...THINK OUT OF THE BOX..something that can impressed the interviewers...

So I think that's all for my experience for Mara-Jpa. I got it at make sure u need to come earlier  and be well-prepared. Jangan pandang enteng jer iv ni..we must show interest..urmm..and here is some of the question that I got from the other blogs. Hope it will help.

Green Tech



Road Accident

Tv entertainment- Grey's Anatomy

1.Yang Dipertuan Agong's name 
2.What is JPA minister name
4.Prime minister’s father’s name
5.Minister's/Menteri Besar/Chief Minister's/JPA DG Name
6.What do you see yourself doing in 10 years time. What would you contribute to the country
7.Which country would you choose to study oversea? Why?
8.Why do you think you deserve the scholarship?
9.What strength do you have to go study overseas
10.What income do you expect when you graduated
11.what would you do if JPA does not offer you a scholarship two lines from Rukun Negara
13.Talk about a mistake you made and what you learnt from it
14.Singing of patriotic song (Keranamu Malaysia, Khidmat Negara)

Questions asked during 2008 JPA Scholarship’s Interview

The topics are:-

1.What is Vision 2020 to you? What are the challenges in reaching Vision 2020?
2.Which movie do you like the most and why?
3.why education is important
4.Steven Hawking's "The Brief History of Time"
5.How Malaysians students can do better abroad
6.Malaysia's younger generation prefer to watch entertainment program than to watch serious programs such as news and current affairs
7.Belajar di luar negara memberi kelebihan berbanding belajar di dalam negara.
8.Healthy Lifestyle. Way of promoting healthy lifestyle while studying abroad
9.Rising oil prices is a threat to our country's economy
10.Major achievements and developments of Malaysia from the past 50 over years since
11.What is the best sports achievement in Malaysia
12.PhD Scholars: do they serve purpose for the development of community and country or it is for namesake?
13.Ko-kurikulum sedikit-sebanyak menjejaskan pelajaran. Setuju atau tidak?
14.China and India are rising stars of economy in Asia. Do u agree with that? will this growth help Malaysian economy or pose a threat to the economy? In your opinion, what should be done to improve malaysia's economy to compete with them?
15.Reality TV programme
16.why local graduates can't find job?
17.One thing you wish to change about your school life; what would it be and why
18.Patriotism / How and what should you do to show patriotism
19.Telefon mudah alih-keperluan atau kemewahan / Is mobile phones a necessity or luxury
20.Do you agree that there's been a decline in reading among the young?
21.banyak palajar yang telah dihantar overseas tidak mahu balik ke malaysia untuk kerja selepas graduate. apa langkah yang boleh JPA ambil untuk tarik mereka balik ke msia.
22.How can Malaysian students studying abroad promote Malaysia
23.Do u agree that our education system is too exam-orientated
24.Housewife as the first line in the development of human capital resources.
25.The recent cases of child abduction have increased public awareness on the lack of security in the country.
26.visit malaysia year 2007
27.sekolah kluster / cluster school
28.NAM/ PBB /OIC / ASEAN to be a good leader
30.Who aspires &inspires you
31.Why government still send students abroad when we Malaysia intend to be an education hub in our region?
32.The secret of success
33.What are your proudest achievements in life to this date
34.Do you think those who got 10 a1 and above should automatically granted a scholarship
35.RMK9 - 9th Malaysia Plan
36.Dewan Rakyat
34. Is money everything?
35. Disadvantage of internet
37. should we have limitation on freedom of expression
38. Suruhanjaya REID
39. How do you describe a developed country? What should be used as an indicator to a developed nation?
40. Proton is our locally produced cars. However, efforts by the government to promote Proton have been deemed a burden to the people. In your opinion, should or should not Proton be manufactured?
41. Children nowadays are spoiled, unruly and indiscipline. Is it true.
42. Palestine-Israel Issue
43. GE 2008
44. Pelan Integriti Nasional
45. Pirated cds affect entertainment industry
46. Benifits of participation of cocuriculum-based activities?
47. Technology is a Double-edged Sword
48. AFTA
49. IMF
50. What type of person do you think JPA is looking for?
51. pada pendapat anda, apakah bidang yang memberi impak terbesar kepada negara?
52. Rules are mend to be broken, Give your opinion
53. Unemployment among graduates

1. Kenapa nak ambil course medicine?
2. Nak specialise dalam bidang apa?
3. Bidang kepakaran yang anda pilih itu adalah mengenai apa?
4. Kenapa nak jadi doktor?
5. Adakah wang itu penting?
6. Kenapa nak belajar oversea, kenapa bukan di Malaysia?
7. Kenapa apply MARA, kenapa bukan JPA?
8. Apakah perbezaan scholarship MARA dengan JPA?
9. Ada apa-apa soalan? (Wajib tanya soalan untuk menunjukkan anda sangat-sangat berminat dengan scholarship MARA)

1. Kenalkan diri anda
2. Beritahu kami tentang kampung anda, pencapaian ko-kurikulum
3. Mengapa anda memilih MARA dan bukannya JPA
4. Soalan yang berkenaan dengan Bumiputera (terutamanya untuk calon yang berasal daripada keturunan yang bercampur, seperti Cina-Bidayuh atau India-Kadazan)
5. Negara mana yang ingin anda lanjutkan pelajaran dan mengapa?
6. Mengapa anda pilih bidang ini?
7. Apa yang anda tahu mengenai bidang yang telah anda pilih? (dan juga soalan lain berkaitan dengan kursus pilihan anda, contohnya perkembangan bidang tersebut, bagaimana anda dapat menyumbang kepada bidang tersebut)
8. Apa bidang pengkhususan anda pada masa depan? (Selalunya bagi mereka yang mengambil bidang  perubatan – Untuk pengetahuan anda, mereka akan tanya anda mengenai pilihan anda, jadi pastikan anda membaca tentangnya dengan sangat terperinci)
9. Bagaimana anda dapat menyumbang kepada MARA pada masa hadapan?
10. Di manakah anda melihat diri anda dalam masa 10 tahun ?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


LOL..haha..finally i got my driving license,,jangan jeles..!! skali sjew..nasib baik abg jpj boleh plak abg jpj tu pnggil aq 'KAK'..ape nampak tue ke guane..wase nyer cam muka baby face aq ni..urmm lantaklah..asalkan aq dah pass..yahooo...!! so no more GANDA..eyhh recently I heard that everyone got a call from Felda..asking them to go for the interview..but I don't get it..mybe bukn rezeki aq lg kot..sokey..

~ p/s : #tulis skit2 jer..nk g reht lop..dbor prut nunggu test ..aiyoo..cian lop ke Fatin [my new friend ]..dye kandas kat jalan raya..sbb x igt nk wat turun handbrake..anyway chaiyok for the test again..

Sunday, April 7, 2013 jumpe geng..!!!

at last..dpt gak jmpe kwn2 aq..mase amik result ari tu x smpt jumpe coz aq pegi lwt..haha..yg best nyer..dpt duk 'bilik VVIP' haha..[ b.wrden]..he2..actually nk gak lepak ngan set2 lain kat bilik tamu..p g2 ah..nmpk cam da pnuh..lgipun ustzh ajak tdo kat x pegi tkot ustazah sere lop..reheasl that night ends about 11.30 p.m..kitaowg tdo mlm tu kt kul 3 gak ah..sblum 2 ustazah ader gak join borak2 haha..this graduation mybe the last moment for the genesis 0812..hope our relationship will last till 4ever..luv n misz u olls alots!!! cdey nyer..u_u ..n also other than jumpe geng2..i've met my sis ~finy..haha..lm gler x jmpe dia..rindu jugk la..p g2 ah..malu gak sbnr nye..hehe..she gave me a was a mug..she told me to use it..but sorry ya sis..kak ira x nak guna..nk wat kng-kngn..huhu..thanx ya syg..owhh...cdey nyer..insya-Allah 6t law ley lesen..kak ira g jalan2 kat skolah..[law my mum kasik ]..huhu ..~i think my tears start to fall.~~

apsal tu jannah ?? Haha

my super duper frenz..

3cCianzZ..luv u .. <3

muke2 kiut gurlz of genesis ..sooo gorgeous..!!

fWenZ tiLL jaNNaH..!! aka KAMi BuDAX BAeK:) ..hanum n nowra was not coming..sokey..u olls always  in my heart..

Thursday, April 4, 2013

haha..i got it..

Alhamdulillah..i got my license today..juz for the motorcyle..maybe next thursday..i will be test for driving license..owhh..hopefully i will past for once only..haha..tomorrow i will be going to my school..[ex school actually] haha..this saturday is our I need to go one day earlier..when I told my friends-not from Semerdu ..about my graduation..they were wondering why my graduation is going to held this year..our school is kind of weird..haha..some of the events for school last year..didn't work well..hurmm..sokey la..nk bwat camne..lps graduasi principal..Mrs.Anisah going to hrp2 beliau dpt merhtkan diri..n bergembira slps ni..owh ye..actually i will stay for a night at hostel..coz the rehearsal is tomorrow parents will stay at homestay..insya-Allah..kalau rajin..6t update gmbr2 graduasi..

p/s : actually my mom is going to make a barbeque tomorrow morning..her ex form 6 students is coming..arghh mals nyer..he3..[tgk la kul wpe ley smpai sk esok]

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


kadang2 terpikir gak..ape la aq nk post kat dlm blog tadi..pegi blaja keta n moto..bwat kat GANDA..@Marang..[jauh op..wkpe dok g PSM jer ?? gong badok je kan...!! sbb nyer situ lembab..haha n my abang bwat lesen kat marang sblum sng je mri amik..] ..mula2 smpai tu..pegi main moto dulu sejam..ader kwn 2 org tu dye bwat QTI..aku je la bnyk lagi nk blajo ni..coz lesen L aku lmbt kuar..18/2 ae tu bwu dpt..then lps main moto tu..bwk keta ngan cg..pegi kat jln raya..urmmm...ok kadang law jumpe simpang memang debor sokmo..x taw la bkpe hhaha..=P..then masuk balik Ganda..try naik bukit..#first time yo..pergghh..ngudur tah blakang..haha..n then try la bbrpa kali..memang nk berair dah air mata kn marah d cikgu..aku BENCI  'suka ' bukit..hehe..sokey bnyk masa lg boleh blaja...

#almost all blogs that i read..were posting about their time during amik lesen..or else ..story mory about part time job.. biasa lar..bdak bwu lps SPM..x de pape nk wat dah.. amik lesen..keja..g kelas bhsa inggeris..blaja masak..=D..n so on..all these things is to make our 'holidays' become meaningful n beneficial..actually I am trying to find a job..mybe as a waiter or a helper in grocery bored at home..nothing else to do..[just making DADIH ]..

Saturday, March 2, 2013

ermm..membilang hari

    Date : TwoMarch2013
    Time :4.30 p.m 
# berdebar nyer nk tunggu result kuar..owg kate confirm 20/3 ni kluar that's mean ader 18 hr lagi..aishh..hrp2 sgt dpt result yg excellent..hope I can make my parents , teachers and my friends happy with my result 6t..our Genesis 0812 is going to make a barbeque..a day b4 the result..i'm so sorry guys..i couldn't go..x de owg nk hantar..lgipun mesti masa tu dah berdebar giler2..!!huhu ^__^..6t after result ader progrm jom masuk U..dkt stadium gong badak..[bukn yg runtuh tu..ok]..piye2 yang sng mari nk mri jalan dumah pown bereh..mmg dkt dah ngan stadium tu.. fighting2 genesis..hope we all get straights A+ for SPM 2012..aamiin.. =D ..


Friday, March 1, 2013

mY BFF..cweet times together..

# mase mlm glorious night..
@sambutan hari raya semerdu 2012
me with rabiatul @ Sutra Beach Resort

#introducing you...with my Best Frenz Forever a.k.a Fwenz till Jannah..haha..our Papa..Cik Pikok n mama plak Cik Hanum..and our anak2 yg kiut2..haha..Miss Zati GUGU..Cik Eyah AIR BATU..Miss Mira Zzzup2..Miss Sarah BIEBER..Cik Yana DORAEMON..Cik MOP Nik..Miss Nora POLAR BEAR..n of coz last but not CUTEST one..hahaha..Miss Muney BULAT..kami lah shabat now we r no longer semesdians..but EX-semesdian..sometimes i really miss the sweet moment that me and my friends share for 5 years in Semerdu..masa form one dulu..mmg x matured..p bile dah naik form 5..senior nmpk matang dah la...hope our friendship last till 4ever..and 6t bile Genesis 0812 bwat reunion..mana tahu tyme tu..sesorg bwk anak keliling pinggang dah..haha..=P..i will always miss u my friends..<3..kdg wase sedih plak [cm nk nangis jer] bile trkng balik suka duka pahit manis [cweet2] dkt sk..our Genesis 0812 will always in my heart..

Gemuruh Jiwa Semangat Membara
Dari Puncak Ingin Ke Angkasa
Berkalungkan Bintang Berkerlipan
Menyerlah Jauh Dari Yang Biasa

#Dgr Lagu Najwa Latif -Sahabat sambil tgk gmbr2 lama ngan kwn2..mmg boleh ngalir air mata..=)

Thursday, February 28, 2013


After a long time..finally i am writing again in this blog..this is my new I hope all of u will like umai n syaher pergi terjah Giant Gong Badak..bwu bukak la katekan..memang ramai gler org..promosi la sorg pnuh troli ngan mangkuk2 n almari kotak ape2 ntah..huhu..bak kata syaher mmg best gler ah..dah la dpt jumpe "ANUAR ZAIN"..haha..ciap tgk wayang sama lg..hahaha =P hampehh..just waiting nineteen more days to go..for SPM result..mmg berdebor gler..haha..hope me and my frenz can get straight A+ for the SPM..pray for us..=)

#gotta go..tolong my mum memasak..haha