Saturday, March 2, 2013

ermm..membilang hari

    Date : TwoMarch2013
    Time :4.30 p.m 
# berdebar nyer nk tunggu result kuar..owg kate confirm 20/3 ni kluar that's mean ader 18 hr lagi..aishh..hrp2 sgt dpt result yg excellent..hope I can make my parents , teachers and my friends happy with my result 6t..our Genesis 0812 is going to make a barbeque..a day b4 the result..i'm so sorry guys..i couldn't go..x de owg nk hantar..lgipun mesti masa tu dah berdebar giler2..!!huhu ^__^..6t after result ader progrm jom masuk U..dkt stadium gong badak..[bukn yg runtuh tu..ok]..piye2 yang sng mari nk mri jalan dumah pown bereh..mmg dkt dah ngan stadium tu.. fighting2 genesis..hope we all get straights A+ for SPM 2012..aamiin.. =D ..


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