Thursday, April 4, 2013

haha..i got it..

Alhamdulillah..i got my license today..juz for the motorcyle..maybe next thursday..i will be test for driving license..owhh..hopefully i will past for once only..haha..tomorrow i will be going to my school..[ex school actually] haha..this saturday is our I need to go one day earlier..when I told my friends-not from Semerdu ..about my graduation..they were wondering why my graduation is going to held this year..our school is kind of weird..haha..some of the events for school last year..didn't work well..hurmm..sokey la..nk bwat camne..lps graduasi principal..Mrs.Anisah going to hrp2 beliau dpt merhtkan diri..n bergembira slps ni..owh ye..actually i will stay for a night at hostel..coz the rehearsal is tomorrow parents will stay at homestay..insya-Allah..kalau rajin..6t update gmbr2 graduasi..

p/s : actually my mom is going to make a barbeque tomorrow morning..her ex form 6 students is coming..arghh mals nyer..he3..[tgk la kul wpe ley smpai sk esok]

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