Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Interview Jpa for Engineering

LOL..actually i don't know why I went to the iv (interview). Engineering ??!! X pernah terpikir pown nk amik engineering before this..cuma masa form 4 tu je la masa mint chemistry awal2 blajo..terpikir sejenak nk amik chemical engineering..then lupakan that dream..huhu..coz I am more interested in Accounting and Finance..Nevermind..I will just share my iv here..

#So I got the JPA iv at Pejabat Yayasan Terengganu. So I went there 30 minute ealier..[btul ker ??!!,,haha]
Before that I made some research on engineering-chemical engineering..My mom forced told me to go..urmm..It's okay..Maybe I will get some experience during this iv..

actually this iv is mostly same like the one that I went to Mara-Jpa iv. There were 3 levels/rooms.

I was in a group of 4 students. One chinese and the others are Malay. I was in group one. There were 3 group that days. Fortunately my group had the little members. The other groups had 6 and 8 members in group so it will be more competitive.


  ~ Bilik penyelesaian masalah..we must talk fully in BM..Tajuk dia bagi ialah CARA MENGATASI MASALAH MUFLIS DALAM KALANGAN RAKYAT MALAYSIA..bila tengok tajuk ni..ade la jugk some ideas yg mari dlm here the mistake that my group did..~We didn't discuss about the problems or causes kepada muflis..we just straight-forward tu Langkah mengatasi muflis kena tegur la oleh panel tu..and they advise us..quite long jugak syarahan tips for this session..actually the panel will ask some questions so be ready for that. Hence , during the discussion , you can try to figure out some of the questions they may ask..and try to give solutions as many as possible and make sure it is relevant to the topic.

~ Dlam bilik kedua , we must talk fully in English. Bilik ni agak tough for me. The question is same like I got for the Mara-Jpa iv --HOW TO ENHANCE THE SENSE OF BELONGING FOR THE YOUNG GENERATION........BUT the subject was TOUGH..the subject that we got was Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor...we cannot figure out many ideas about him that time..We just talk about his contributions to our country and the citizens are very proud of him as he is the first Malaysian astronaut. We don't talk that much. But at least we have some of the ideas. Nasib baik ada seorang panel tu dia bagi klu la skit -additional at least we can figure out more from the clue that he gave us..

~ This room is more for individual. Even though , we entered in group but the questions were for individual. So be ready..Just simple..the intoduction..and for me maybe you can say thanks to them for giving the opportunity before ur intro..just to show politeness..then they asked 'Why we choose engineering ? Why chemical engineering ?' and also kenapa nak study abroad..Apa yang ada dalam diri awak yang membolehkan awak sesuaikan diri dekat overseas and bnyk lagi.. So yang penting prepare first..Berlatih depan cermin..and don't forget ...EYE CONTACT..penting taw..!! haha..

p/s : law nak tengok some of the questions they may ask ..please jenguk at my previous post..about Mara-Jpa iv.. I put it in there..just copied from several blogs..

~sorry for mixing BM n BI in this post~

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