Monday, June 17, 2013

start of somethin' new

Finally on 10 june 2013 ..I registered to IIUM campus in Petaling Jaya..I got Econs course..I don't know how to describe my feelings at that is very complicated....In my former school , I was a pure science student.So I am quite afraid to accept this offer..I went to interview for Jpa-Mara and Jpa..But unfortunately I didn't get it..It's kind of frustrating and upsetting..but then..'REDA jer' and then here I am in IIUM...

At PJ i was in a room with another 3 students..They are Pipoh , Ira and Ecah...they are very nice and we shared a lot of memories together...After ta'aruf programme 9about 5days)..the economics students were transfered to gombak..I got the 1st floor..(GROUND FLOOR) one large room they are 8 students..but we are separate into each compartment..I am in a compartment with Pipoh..the compartment are quite small but it's long as it is not hot in there..haha... all the students are very nice and happy go lucky...Sometimes we hang out together..eating maggi while class starts this morning..but the lecturer are not we just left..for this semeseter we will only learn two subject + English n Arabic..

My other roomates are Tyque , Sha , Bhah , Ecah and Syakirah..
Here's the pic..

Act..when we first met..It is very awkward..But unexpectedly we  get close together in just a short time..maybe all of us are "MULUT MURAI" mmg bnyk topic yg kite org share..In just a week..kita dah boleh knl perangai each one of us..haha..everyone is happening..act at first in this room there were 7 students..then Bilah went to IPG..then Syakirah came..she changed her course from Human Science to Econs..
We are like a family..kadang2 Ecah jdi mak..kadang2 Tyque jd Ummi..Sha jadi Baby..haha..memang KAMCING giler..mlm2 mmg lepak sama2..borak2..Sometimes kitaorg pegi Cafe MakCik..pi beli makanan..TAPAU..then makan kat bilik + Borak2 lg..

Once we talk...mmg x ingt masa..rase cpt giler masa berlalu...macam2 citer...horror ader...tradisional pown ader...Dialek pown ader..pokoknya..macam2 la..the stories keep continues...

And the most unforgettable thing is..everytime nk smyang jemaah..mesti nk kn lantik imam kan.. sape yg x STICKED to the wall..dia yg jadi imam..haha....seblum Bilah pi IPG..mmg dia slalu jadi Imam..kdg2 rotate...sme wajib jadi imam..
Tp kan..NAK ke boleh smyang tu..susah lar..WHY ?! WHY?! ..sbb...kitaorg selalu gelak..ntah la knp..mmg ader jer bnda yg membuatkn kitaorg suka..nk2 tyme maghrib masuk Usrah la seme ni..haha..tarbiyah skit..kita org akan slalu make sure..maghrib isyak..slgi berjemaah..coz this are the ways nk topup pahala dan nk eratkan silaturrahim antra kitaorg..

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