Thursday, October 31, 2013

ooooo...nk blik.. tup tap tup tap...dah nk abis satu sem dah dkt week at 6 until 15/11 i gonna sit for my final exam..quite nervous..hopefully i'll do well in all subject..the 1st week only two subjects..stats n accounting..2nd week there gonna be english maths econs and psychology...act aq x hbis study lagi ni..tomorrow jihan my classmate ajak kluar pg beli hadiah for my psychology lecturer...she's going to married this sunday..quite shock when she told the class at first that she is going to married..hoppefully their marriage full with happiness and got bless by Allah..~~cepat la habis exam...NK BALIK....!!!!!! tp revision pown mcm hangat2 tahi ape nk jadi....MUNIRA..!!! bgun...jgn nk duk mals nk lepas cut-off point 13 ke la bnyk USAHA...!! Go Go Go....u can do now i'll just focus on my exam..gonna update my post later...after BALIK 6t...chiow..peace yo...

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