Saturday, January 11, 2014

Regular Weekends.. o_O is sunday..sooo cuti la...kind of bored..xde pape nk bwat..actually ader homework account..sal depreciation..blum siap lagi..ptg sikit la bwat..xde mood la..nk citer per jumaat ..2 days ago..i went to sunway with my friends..we watched a movie together..Paranormal Activity..for's kind of scary..but not too extreme..and the movie made me feel dizzy..bad quality of picture..b4 pegi tgk wayang..kitorang pegi kedai buku popular..bnyk jugak la buku2..and buat aq yang x suka membaca ni..xde terpikir lak it will amused me..but jihan did..dia ckp law dia ad duit bnyk..mesti dah beli buku2 kat situ..i asked for her help to find some books..ENGLISH that i could improve my english..almaklum la x ske membaca..especially buku i grab one love story book..Dear John..i've seen the trailer for dis movie..but i didn't watch the movie yesterday..i start to read the book..quite interesting.. i'm eager to know the ending and it's  make me end up reading it until 2 am in the morning..i finished it in just a day..such a "tidak terjangka" ending..haha..ok la buku ader jugak beli satu lg buku..hide and seek..novel macm investigation..thriller...6t 6t la kut baca..

p/s : knp rase mls sngt ni..adoyai..MUNIRA BANGKITLAH  !!  ..hehe..dah sem 2 kot..lam bulan jun 6t nk amik IELTS..mana bley la hanyut2 ni..BANGUN..!!!! stop dreaming ..face strong...

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