Friday, January 16, 2015

Malam ini gua mengantuk sangat

So here i am writing again after a long time..hihi bukn nyer ape..kemalasan nk menulis sbnrnya.. FYI aq skrg ni sdg dlm mggu exam..dah exam external alevel..for AS Paper..ader 5 hari gap lagi before last paper..economics unit 2 .. So disebabkn aq dah ngantuk sngt..xley nk fokus..that's why im writing here..
So kita dah masuk i think its not to late for me to wish you all selamat tahun baru ..yeayyhh.. Ape la agaknya wish korang masih terpikir2 lagi..after exam i update yer.. Busy sngt exam..
So nk jadikan cerita sal exam ni .. Im quite emo sikit bila nk dekt exam..mood dia lain mcm mkn pown x lalu..and masa awal2 btuk + demam .. Adakah sbb faktor cuaca atau aq yg trlmpau nervous ???
So memandangkan malam ni aq study nk share la pasal 4 policy yg ade dlm buku ni
So yg pertama is :
1.) Monetary policy - manipulation of interest rates and money supply to achieve macro-eco objectives eg : increase in interest rate will make monthly repayment for durables good are high..therefore it will reduce the consumption + Aggregate demand (AD) will shift to left another example interest rates decrease so demand for housing increase (as they can easily borrow the money) so AD shift to right ,price will increase(means their house is increase in value) so it will increase spending
2.) Fiscal policy - manipulation of taxation and government spending to achieve macro-eco objectives
Expansionary FP - gov spending > tax receipt (BUDGET DEFICIT)..They will impose this during recession to boost the economy back
Contractionary FP - Tax revenue > gov spending (budget surplus) (boom)
3.) Supply side policy
There are three market under SSP:
trade union,welfare benefits,min.wage,marginal tax rates anf poverty and unEmployment traps
Pofitability,allocate scarce resources and increase range of sources of capital available
Free trade,encourage small business,privitisation,deregulations
4.)Exchange rate
Two factors influencing ER

increase in int rates, increase the value of currency

central bank kept the gold and reserves that can be use to alter value of currency
Eg : if want to increase the value of pound,it will sell some of reserves in exchange for pound,increase demand for pound so price increase
So thats is the briefly info of the four policy..
And plus we must relates all of the policy on how it will achieve the mcro objectives which are eco growth,high employment,low stable inflation and current account balance

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