Friday, March 4, 2016


Assalamulaikum w.b.t
Alhamdulillah on 17th Feb 2016 8.45a.m , me and my friends safely landed at Tullamarine airport, Melbourne. Menunggu agak lama untuk kastam sbb ramai org dan kaunter yg terhad. That day, ade bbrpa org akak yg dtg pickup kitorang from airport. First time kenal Kak Maryam, Ateng dll, sebelum ni just wassap2 je. Hihi Aku dan kawan2 duduk rumah akak senior (BAITUL HUDA-that's what they call their house) coz we didn't get accommodation yet. Lepas smpai je dkt rumah, terus tidur-JET LAG. Then ptg kitorang pergi bank Commonwealth bukak akaun. Then pergi Vodafone and get our new phone numbers.

Dan hari2 seterusnya , bnyk diisi dengan hunting for house. Bnyk rumah yg kitorang pergi inspect. And alhamdulillah about 2 weeks, we already got the house in Cardigan Street. It's actually quite far from our faculty building which is about 20 min walk. Meanwhile, kita enrol for our course-Bachelor of Commerce ~majoring in Accounting & Finance. And untuk breadth subjects aku, jihan and syira amik Business Law. Nak try rasa bljar law. Haha Moga2 boleh cepat faham.

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