Wednesday, February 21, 2018


#throwback to my writing

# I got a task from my teacher ..she asked me to make a speech about my mother..and before that she wrote on the whiteboard a saying .."BEING A FULL-TIME MOTHER IS ONE OF THE HIGHEST SALARIED JOBS , SINCE THE PAYMENT IA PURE LOVE"

~so meaningful~

So here is what I wrote for my speech....

 Everyone once has a mother. The one that giving birth to us. She is the one who carries us during pregnancy for nine month and ten day. Without her sacrifice , we will never born into this world so in other word she is also a brave person. Can you ever imagine that kind of love ?

The mothers had sacrificed a lot especially for their childen and husband. For me , my mother is my angel. She is everything to me. no one can ever replaced her in my heart-NO ONE. She is the one who teach me how to walk and also even learning the ABC until I grown up this big. She always there when I need her. Sometimes , she will be my shoulder to cry when I have been through difficulties. Moreover , she also advise me and it really do help me a lot.

I was sent to a hostel for my secondary school and I am also the first on that be far apart from my family. It really made me feel sad as my times that I could spend with them would be limited-time is precious. My mother sometimes cries when she tought about me living in the hostel. I knew she had sacrifice for me to let me live in the hostel so I could have a brighter future. With that , I will always keep her sacrifice into my mind everyday as it will be my encouragement to do well at school and also to repay back her deed in future.

My mother is very dedicated to her work. She works as a teacher at SMK Ibrahim Fikri. She teaches Bahasa Melayu for Form Six students. She is a very hardworking person. Furthermore , when she was in university , she was very active in sports especially tennis. I admire her personalities and I hope I will be just like her someday.

I love to listen the song that was sang by Maher Zain. The title is 'Number One For Me'. This song always remind me of my mother. She is a very good mother for me and my other siblings. She cares a lot about our family. She had sacrificed a lot -money , happiness , time order to make me and my siblings live in comfortable.

I hope I can be a good daughter for her. I once dreamed to be a rich person so I can buy my mother her ideal house and also bring my parents to Mekah to perform Haji. Even though , it will not repay all the kindness and deeds that my mother do for me until now but hopefully it can make her happy and proud of me as her daughter. I will try my very best in my studies so I can get a better and guaranteed jobs in the future. I love you , my mom.

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