Wednesday, February 21, 2018

My 2017/2018 Summer Break

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hola everyone. I'm back again.. yeayy haha ... so I've got like 3 months plus for summer holiday. Finish exam on 9/11 and then when back to Malaysia on 15/11. and my flight back to Melbourne is on 28/2 which is like a week from today !!!! oh myy ...I don't want to go back. Need to start class, assignments and all ... I am soooo not ready !! wish I've got longer holiday .. (well 3 months is still not enough okay!)

Nothing much done for this holiday. Actually, I'm thinking of doing internship, but then end up not doing it because I'm too occupied with something else. And most of the company for internship is based in Kuala Lumpur, so it's really hard for me to commit for that. Plus, maybe I am a bit lazy too, haha need to work out on that laziness.

First event after going back to Malaysia was InspireSEA VI. I was one of the Activity Planning committee for this event. In my team, other than me, we've got Syira (our leader), Yus and Anas and + Indah (our project director) also involved in planning the activity for kids. We've been planning for this event for like 6 months ++. So, overall the program was successful even though it was rough and stressful to make this event comes true. So many hardship we went thru, and thank God, all the kids enjoy the program and we manage to deliver what we want for them. It's quite unfortunate as I feel that we can actually gives more for the kids. Hope the next team for Inspire will do their best and gives out more to the future kids.

Next things, I went back to my kampung at Pulai Chodong, Kelantan. Then, went to Besut to hang out with Hanum and Dila. Went to Bangi, my aunt's house with Mok tok, Aiman and Along to take care of my cousin as my aunt was going to Sabah for work. And so many travelling back and forth from Gong Badak (my house) to kampung in Kelantan.

Then, I went to Miri Sarawak to visit my aunt (Mo Su Yah) and also for sightseeing  Then, for Chinese New Year holiday, we had a family day in Janda Baik. Check out my trip blog for more.

On this upcoming 24th Feb, one our my friends is getting married (Arni). The wedding is going to be hold at the hotel in Shah Alam. So check out for the update later. Haven't bought the wedding gift yet, hmmm what should I get for her? Need to buy it ASAP.

So, I'll guess that it for now. Stay tuned for more so not boring life experience story by me. Hahaa

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