Wednesday, February 21, 2018

my short story [during SPM exam]


Hi and Assalamualaikum everyone, so today I want to share my story during SPM in 2012...actually I am not a hardworking person especially for Biology subject. I don't know why. Perhaps I need to remember the formula and the new words so it makes me lazy. So get back to the story..during SPM exam , I stay at Aimi's room [head prefect's room]..Aimi is really good and expert in Biology.She is the one who teach me and make me understand of this Biology subject because when I was a Form 4 student , I always sleep during the Biology classes-what a pity girl. Before the exam , I had attend many academic camp-Perfect Score , Akademi SPM by JPNT , XA Plus [organized by SBP]. It really did help me a lot.

For the classes , we studied at the dining hall. Sometimes at surau. We don't have to go to the school. For the information , the school from hostel is about 500m [it is quite far but for someone like me that have to commute is common]. Everyday we need to walk for almost 3KM. 

Back to story , for the SPM I need to struggle more. Fortunately , from the previous camp I got many modules so it had helped me alot. Sometimes I shared it with my friend because the modules is limited. Only those who went to the camp got it. In the first day , I was very nervous [no words can express my feeling at that time]. I tried to act cool and recite selawat and du'a to reduce the pressure. The B.Melayu went well. The next day was English. I don't have enough time for the second paper. I barely finished the essay until the last twang. I don't have time to check back my essay. Actually , I had a fever during SPM. It started at the second week of exam. I still remembered , I was very dizzy when I was answering the P.Islam's paper. So my friends told my teacher-Ustaz Sukri and after the exam finished that day , Ustaz Sukri sent me to the clinic. My friend , Anis accompanied me that day. Because of the fever , I cannot study well and I had to sleep earlier [maybe it was the impact of the made me drowse].  Luckily I had good friends , they helped me-they wet the cloth then put it on my head , make sure that I took the medicine on time , revision with me. Sometimes I need to wake up early [4 or 5 am] to do the last revision for the subject that day. 

During Addmath paper , my hands was shaking and I couldn't write for a moment and not long after that everything was fine. I am grateful that the questions are quite easy so I could finished it earlier and recheck the previous questions that I answered. Addmath is actually my favorite subject. Doing the Addmath exercises make me feel fun and relieve. Morever , for the SPM I think the subjects that quite tough are Physics and Biology. Physics (Ist paper)-the questions were more about theory not calculation[formula]. And biology..argghh it was really hard. I think I was going to torn the paper. But I tried my best to anwer it well and gave many answers as many as possible related to the questions. After the last paper [Biology] , me and of course my friends felt relieve and happy as the exam was end. So we just need to enjoy the holiday before knowing the result at May and of course always recite doa and prayers so that bless is always in our ways in fighting for Islam.

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